What is Ocean Solution




OceanSolution is a revolution in health for crops, food and people.  A concentrated liquid comprising the 90+ elements and aerobic bacteria necessary for all plants to develop strong and healthy tissue.


Used in the correct manner, far from being harmful, the salt content is truly beneficial and perfect for use on farms, orchards, recreational areas, forestry, hydroponic units and gardens. In essence, OceanSolution will boost any plant with a green leaf!


OceanSolution contains the 90+ naturally occurring elements, plus a range of positive aerobic bacteria. These are all  considered to greatly enhance the health of both the plants, and the soils in which they grow. 


Furthermore, many of those who have tasted produce cultivated with Ocean Grown UK report a stronger and more enjoyable flavour.




Where did Ocean Solution UK Originate? 

Dr. Maynard Murray, followed his medical degree by investigating reports about the use of sea water as a means of repair for the body.   

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Human blood and sea water are so close in composition that in days when scientists were unsure how to cleanse poisoned blood, some found replacing half a person’s blood with sea water alone brought the patient complete recovery without negative consequences. Never one to accept conventional wisdom, Dr. Murray’s life quest centred around proving the potential for using the ocean for our vitality and to aid our repair.  He became driven by the simple observations such as why the same species of trout lives twice as long in the ocean is it does in fresh water rivers and lakes.


Wheat crop

Following in Murray's footsteps, Don Jansen grew a large range of crops hydroponically and was able to put a 30-day shelf life on his tomatoes without fear of returns due to deterioration?


Murray also contended that it because there were all the 56 elements which healthy tomatoes require to produce longevity and intense flavour, were being provided by Ocean Solution?


Ocean life forms thrive on a precisely balanced diet, while landlocked life must be supplemented to ensure they have the full compliment of minerals necessary for long life and health.


"If a soil is like a mine with its myriad of elements, then whenever man tills it, plants crops and in many other ways engages in farming, he is for all practical purposes engaged in the business of mining. Like a miner, the farmer breaks the earth with digging tools, but instead of dynamite, he plants seeds to loosen the minerals and elements from their holding matrix. Finally he carts away his minerals in the form of food rather than ore."  Dr. Maynard Murray, “Sea Energy Agriculture”.


When using conventional fertilisers farmers rarely replace more than six of the total elements that plants remove from the soil, thus depleting the nutritional value and vitality of our food, despite its apparent abundance.  As a consequence we now have a whole industry marketing the desirability or the need to take vitamin supplements in other forms, many of which are not bio-available, or simply shift the balance in a different direction but do not complete the 'picture'.


Dr. Murray’s book “Sea Energy Agriculture” comprising just 109 pages gives more information on these questions and others.  For those who would like to purchase a copy, please go to the order page.



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